Bamboo Flowering

Bamboos, like all grasses in the Plant Kingdom, are seed plants. Flowering and seeding are necessary for reproduction and new generations. 

The flowering of bamboos is sometimes - but by no means always ! - followed by the death of the plant. 

The physiological and genetic factors involved in the induction of flowering are still unknown.

 Flowering of some bamboos is cyclic (e.g. every 30 or 100 years), but for most bamboos flowering is unpredictable. 

Some special selections have been made in seedling populations some years ago, which will not flower for the next 60-80 years. 

For many bamboos, such as Pseudosasa japonica, as well as a number of Sasa, Phyllostachys and Pleioblastus species, vegetative growth simply continues after a period of flowering. 

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