Hardy Garden Bamboo Species 

Most of the hardy bamboos suitable for European gardens are temperate species that originate mainly from China and Japan. 

They can be divided into three main groups which cover over 98% of temperate bamboo species:

 ➔  Fargesia group: medium to tall bamboos with pachymorph rhizomes. The group encompasses the following genera: Fargesia, Thamnocalamus, Drepanostachyum and Yushania

 ➔  Phyllostachys group: taller bamboos with leptomorph rhizomes covering the genera of Phyllostachys, Brachystachyum, Semiarundinaria, Sinobambusa, Chimonobambusa (and Qiongzhuea), Shibataea.

 ➔  Sasa group: smaller to tall bamboos with leptomorph rhizomes, covering the genera Sasa, Sasaella, Pseudosasa, Pleioblastus, Indocalamus, Bashania and xPhyllosasa (Synonym xHibanobambusa)

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